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Team Impact Night

2019 Team Impact Night

Come out for this fun filled evening where all of Team Impact is on display. Bring your whole family to meet the 2019 Team Impact players, coaches and team moms.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and hear from Team Impact Executive Director, Walter Jordan who will share the vision of the program.

Also in attendance will be  some of the former Team Impact players that have gone on to earn (4) year scholarships at numerous colleges and universities.

A recruiting coordinator will also be in attendance to explain the requirements to obtain college scholarships, including academic requirements and parent responsibilities. The recruiting coordinator will also host a Q & A for parents and student-athletes.

Date: TBA

Time:  TBA


LakePoint Sporting Community
755 Highway 293
Emerson, GA  30137


Have Professional Pictures Taken of Your Student Athlete!

Additionally, there will be an opportunity for players to have professional pictures taken in their uniforms. Parents will be able to choose from various picture packages for a nominal fee.

Details on the picture packages and sample pictures are available here.

Come out and get to know the coaches and staff as well as meet other parents. Let’s get fired up about the 2019 season!