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About Us

Team Impact is an youth travel basketball program serving boys and girls ages 10-17. We have  a strong commitment to developing and mentoring our kids. We focus on teaching  kids the importance of responsibility, leadership, morals, faith based values, education, self-confidence, disciple, hard work, mental toughness and integrity.  We have also been blessed to have had tremendous success on the court as well!

Over the past sixteen (16) years, we have been blessed to have been the summer home for hoops for well over 1,500 young people!  With 170+ kids in our program last year, Team Impact has quickly become one of the fastest and most respected summer youth programs in the metro Atlanta area.

The strength of our program is our amazing team of board/staff members, coaches, team moms and parents all working together. Our goal is to ensure that we all are creating a diverse, positive, winning, and safe environment for our kids to develop, grow and get better!  Every year, (like our kids) it is important that we all keep striving to improve and get better!

Like every year our Team Impact staff’s goal is to reach out to our close community businesses, leaders and friends to see if we can help at least 25 kids (who otherwise may not be able to participate) for economically challenged single parent families.

Providing scholarships to kids that otherwise wouldn’t be able to play in our program is just one of the ways we give back. It’s proof that by working together, we can truly inspire kids and make the program work.

In closing, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to visit our site!  We certainly hope and pray the you consider joining our awesome Team Impact family.  See you soon!

God Bless,

Coach Walter Jordan,

Executive Director and Founder

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